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Dilİngilizce [English]

The following is an extract from the story specially written to accompany this gorgeous cheeky trailer - the full uncut film is 20mim in length and available on my web site.
With my hands thoroughly coated in flour I determinedly laid the dough out across the surface of the kitchen island, my fingers sinking in as I began to master it with as much enthusiasm as an admittedly novice in the kitchen could muster. I picked up the dough and slapped it back down atop the table, my fingers kneading forcefully into it as I repeated the process over and over again. My mind began to wander as I worked, each smack of my palm against the dough and knead of my fingers teasing from my memory as I recalled that time we spent together...visit my site to read the fill story!
We had such a giggle shooting this film though I am convinced half the crew thought I was mad when I told them what I wanted to shoot...but I just LOVE it fun, humorous and very beautiful...what do you think?
Loves Anna xx